outpatient treatment

Adult Outpatient Treatment Program

Project ADAM is CARF certified to provide Level I intensive out patient (IOP) treatment to assist individuals in overcoming problems related to chemical dependency.  The therapeutic group setting assists individuals in understanding and combating the effects of substance abuse. 

 Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Program

Project ADAM offers outpatient treatment services to the adolescent population. Referrals are accepted from the school system, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Department of Family and Children’s Services. 

 Piedmont Judicial Drug Court Program

 Project ADAM provides intensive outpatient treatment services to the Piedmont Judicial Circuit’s Felony Drug Court. The mission of drug court is to eliminate the cycle of drug abuse and related criminal activity by offering treatment options to repeat criminal offenders, who suffer from chemical dependency. Project ADAM provides evaluations, drug testing, intensive, four-phase outpatient treatment, which lasts from 18 to 24 months, and case management to individuals identified through the Piedmont Judicial Circuit’s Felony Drug Court. The progress of individual cases are strictly monitored at weekly case management meetings, attended by the Piedmont Judicial Drug Court judge, a representative from the district attorney’s office, probation officer, drug court treatment director, treatment providers, and the case manager. Since initiating the contract in March 2012, Project ADAM has served approximately 250 individuals. Project ADAM currently conducts fifteen groups, 65 case management appointments, and 55 individual appointments per week in conjunction with this program. They also meet with countless individuals on a daily basis regarding job assistance.

Risk Reduction Program

The Risk Reduction Course consists of three important components:

  • The assessment determines the severity of the offenders’ alcohol/drug problem.

  • The offender is required to complete a 20-hour course, which emphasizes the dangers of driving under the influence.

  • Upon completion of the risk reduction course, the offender is required to receive a clinical evaluation by a counselor.

Defensive Driving Program

Project ADAM provides a 6-hour, state-certified defensive driving course for individuals who have been convicted of traffic offenses. Benefits of the course include points reduction, license reinstatement, and insurance discounts.  Courses currently are held once per month.

 Drug-Free Workplace Program

 The drug-free workplace program provides drug and alcohol testing, policy consultation, employer and supervisor training, assessments, referrals, and counseling. The Drug-Free Workplace Program served approximately 1,800 individuals in 2017. These services are provided on a daily basis.